Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Too Dumb for Complex Text?

In this age of digital overload young students learn how to multi task, read, write and communicate using technology.  Technology is fast paced and students have adapted to the rapid fire of giving and receiving information.  Many teachers are finding their students unable to focus on a single tasks for a length of time. Teachers of all grades need to set time in their day for students to be unplugged, uninterrupted, and read a book which provokes thoughts and takes time to digest. In order for students to delve into the complex text, they must first be engaged and invested in what they are reading. It is up to the teacher to spark their students interest through prior knowledge, class discussions, open ended questions and even technology.  Once students are invested and engaged, teachers can help facilitate discussions and teach students the reading strategies needed to navigate through the complex text. The more opportunities students are given to read, analyze and respond to complex texts both in and out of the classroom, the more prepared students will be as they tackle their first year of college.

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  1. We both agree on this topic. It is necessary for students to know and master the world of technology to succeed in society today, however, we can't lose sight of the basics. I agree that we need to be unplugged each day. We need to allow ourselves time to decompress from all the external inputs, and give our brain alone time to practice our ability to focus, hopefully on reading or just being able to relax.